You dont know what to order ! Please copy and paste your answers and send them to me in an Email to this address : the Email box is in the top right corner.

or you can call us toll free at 1800-318-1966 within the USA 9:00 to 5:00 M-F Pacific time

1- How old are you?

2- Are you pregnant?

3- Are you using any antibiotics/ or have you used any in the past 30 days?

4- What color is your skin? Dark, light, or in-between

5- Is your skin oily, normal or dry? And do you live in a dry area or humid area?

6- Do you go to the sun every day? And how long do you stay out?

7- Do you work night hours? And what time do you go to bed?

8- Are you under any diet? Or did you loose more than 20 pounds in the past 6 months?

9- What seems to be the problem in your skin?

10- Do you use any skin product right now? If yes please tell us the name .

11- Do you wear (Non-Oil Free Liquid) Make Up? If yes please give me the name:

12- Do you have any allergies? (Pets, Seasonal, Chemical, Medicine)

13- Do you eat spicy food? How often?

14 Do you drink alcohol? How much daily if yes?

15 Do you take any anti-depressant medication? Or sleeping pills?

Please answer these questions and submit them to us so we can tell you what program you should start with.

 Thank you again for choosing the Sasha products.


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