Berlanti of California

The skin correction and restoration program for the most common skin disorders

Berlanti of California Cellulite Formula
Berlanti Celllulite Formula is formulated with the highest quality plant extracts and is designed to help combat cellulite, also known as “orange-peel skin” or “sponginess”. Berlanti Cellulite Formula leaves the skin softer, smoother and with a firmer appearance. With consistent use, results will be seen after a few weeks.
  1. Apply formula daily after bathing or showering
  2. Message cream into skin until completely absorbed
  3. Work in circular motions on abdomen, hips and buttocks
  4. On legs work in an upward direction

Saponins 325 as the delivery agent, Centella Asiaticoside has wound healing properties, Guarana Extract from crushed seed from a plant grown in Brazil, to be used in antiaging products.

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