Berlanti of California

The skin correction and restoration program for the most common skin disorders

Berlanti of California Stretch Mark Cream
Berlanti Stretch Mark Cream is excellent for relieving stretch marks during and after pregnancy or when dieting. Its deep penetrating agents will diminish fine lines and help prevent them from recurrng. Its is specially formulated with the highest quality botanicals and ingredients to provide you with a product of superior performance and effectiveness. With continued use, it will imporve skin\s elasticity and firmnesss for a more youthful appearance.
  1. For best results use morning and night after bathing or showering
  2. Apply cream generously to affected area and message thoroughly

Saponins 325 as the delivery agent, Cocoa Butter to soften and lubricate the skin, Aloe Vera Gel to soften the skin and has an effective healing ingredient

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