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Laila Cosmetics AHA Moisturizing Cleanser

Laila AHA Moisturizing Cleanser is a unique skin cleanser works as a micro bubble cleanser to reach in between the dead cells of the skin dissolving oil residue that attaches these dead cells to the surface of the skin and loosing them up while cleansing the surface of the skin and preparing it for the AHA Toner.

  1. Massage into wet face and neck for 3 minutes, allow to dry a few seconds and work into a second lather
  2. Rinse well with at least 20 warm water splashes
  3. Apply this cleanser twice a day, morning and night
  4. Avoid broken skin area and eyes
Special Ingredients

Cocamidopropyl Betaine is antistatic and a cleanser, Hydrolized Glycosaminoglycans, Saw Palmetto Extract


6 oz. Bottle

Designed by Silk Jive, developed by Project Atomic.